Thursday, August 31, 2006

Extreme Normal Form

Today I read about "Extreme Normal Form"... and well I really liked it:

Your classes are small and your methods are small;
you've said everything
OnceAndOnlyOnce and you've removed the last piece of unnecessary code.
Somewhere far away an Aikido master stands in a quiet room.
He is centered.. aware.. ready for anything.
Outside a sprinter shakes out her legs and settles into the block, waiting for the crack of the gun while a cool wind arches across the track.
Softly, a bell sounds.. all your tests have passed.
Your code is in
ExtremeNormalForm... tuned to today and poised to strike at tomorrow.

I also liked a lot OnceAndOnlyOnce balances YouArentGonnaNeedIt. I have never liked the idea of applying YouArentGonnaNeedIt by itself, but now I believe that by using OnceAndOnlyOnce a good balance can be achieved. Read it here

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