Tuesday, April 11, 2006

NHiberntate Attributes + MSBuild = SQL DDL Generation

All right... I am building a system that uses NHibernate
as the persistence mecanism to save in to the database
and i decided that the best way to go... was to draw the
object model using the new VisualStudio 2005 Class Designer
the add the attributes... and then generate the SQL... but the
problem is that I have to run an extenal tool to do that... and I want the
DDL SQL to be re-generated each time I compile...
so I guess I will have to create a new MSBuild Task that integrates the
SchemaExport with MsBuild

So... I have written my task... but it does not work... now I am reading
How to: Write a Task to find out what am I missing... perhaps it is because
my task depends on an external assembly (NHibernate)... mmm no... that was not the problem... the problem was that I was not specifying the correct path for the source assembly.

It works.... well it worked... but only once... it seems that the source assembly gets blocked... lets think... how could that be fixed...

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