Monday, April 24, 2006

User Interface Process Application Block V3 (Unofficial)

I have created "my proposal for V3 for the UIP" (Microsoft seems to want that we all change to the Composite UI framework... while I agree it is amazing and superior in many ways, I miss some features of the UIP, like the Navigator or ASP.NET support, my final goal would be to make UIPv3 a kind of "module" for the CompositeUI AppBlock that make it easier to migrate UIPv2 to .NET 2.0 and brings the advantages of the ObjetBuilder IoC to ASP.NET)

Okey, okey, what did I uploaded? Unoficial UIPv3 Alpha1 includes the bugfixes from hswami , my last version for the UIP.Attributes, separation of the UIP internal logic in layers (Common, Factories,UIProcess (Core) & Attributes), replacement of weakly typed Hashtable an HybridDictionary with strongly typed Generic<> Dictionary and other minor bugfixes here and there.

This is just the first step, IMHO the main problem with UIP internal architecture was that it was not layered, so changing the way objects were created in a centralized way was hard... for the next release (Alpha2 probably next weekend) I will integrate the new Factories layer with the ObjectBuilder and replace internal ArrayLists with strongly typed generics....

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