Thursday, April 13, 2006

Visual Studio C# Express: Can Not Update with AttachDBFileName

Hi! Today I spent all morning teaching my father how to do CRUD with C# Express, but despite my best efforts, each time I ran my project, the database was completly empty... it turned out to be a "feature" of databases that are part of the solution (visual studio copies the database from the the source folder into the \bin\Debug\ folder each time the application compiles) the solution as as Humble Weeble posted, is to:

  • Select the database in Solution Explorer
  • Locate the 'Copy to Output' property in the Properties window
  • Change it from 'Copy always' to 'Do not copy'

Of course, after that, the problem will be that the connection string in you app.config is not pointing to the "output" database anymore, so AFAIK you will have to use an absolute path. (As I did)

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