Sunday, April 02, 2006

What Do I Know?

I am a software developer... I am certified (MCP) in WindowsForms.NET (with C#) development and I really like that platform (I specially love version 2.0)... I also know how to code in Java (I love Hibernate, I love Spring and somewhat like Velocity... but I think the future is in JavaServerFaces... or perhaps in Tapestry or... to compete with XAML... the best choice is OpenLazlo ) , I know a little of Delphi... and I have worked with Oracle and SQLServer... but to tell you the truth... the best technology that I have used is WebObjects (sadly IMHO Apple just doesn't seem to know the real value of it) and I really don't like to write SQL or Stored-Procedures... i believe the way to go is to use Object Relational Mapping and I really dislike ADO.NET DataSets... i mean.. they are good for web-services data exchange... but build the business rules of a software system.. there is nothing like the Domain Model pattern... with something like Apple's EOF... o Hibernate (or NHibernate)... so I am really sad that ObjectSpaces is delayed

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