Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Why in ADO.NET the DataSet has to work with DataRow and not an Interface

Right now... there are two ways of handling an XML file in an easily and with object orientation:

  1. the intrusive (but more dynamic) TypedDataSet, generated bye the xsd.exe
  2. And object serialization generated by XSDObjectGenerator.

Each one has its advantages and disadvantages... but I wonder... why we can not combine the advantage of the by changing the internal design of ADO.NET... How?

Well the DataSet... is a collection of DataTables... the DataTable is a Collection of DataRows....
why it is not built to be more flexible? i.e. :

  • The DataSet could be an implementation of IDataSet
  • The default implementation for IDataSet " the DataSet" could be a collection of IDataTables
  • The default implementation for IDataTable "the DataTable" could be a collection of IDataRows
  • The default implementation of IDataRow... could be "the DataRow"

This way... I wouldn't have to worry about having to inherit from the DataSet, DataTable or DataRow classes... if that is not what I want... and this way I could create my own independant object hierarchy and... if I want to handle it as a DataSet well, all I have to do is implement the appropriate interfaces...

Of course... making Microsoft change the ADO.NET API to add this flexibility... could be too much to ask (after all there are a lot of applications built on top of the "legacy" ADO.NET) but... what about Mono? they could create an extensible non intrusive interface based dataset... don't you think?

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