Monday, May 01, 2006

NGUIP ObjectBuilder Integration

I have added support for the ObjectBuilder in 2 places:

  • Inside the GenericFactory (so that everything that was created by it can now enjoy the benefits of creation by the ObjectBuilder)
  • Inside the "FactoriesFactory" so, now the factories that create the controllers, the viewmanager, the state, etc, are singleton (thanks to SingletonPolicy)

The FactoriesFactory acts as a "central" registry for other factories (or perhaps services in my next release) and it is a property of the Navigators base class (that way it is available everywhere in the internal API) but currently the contents of this registry are fixed, I am not sure where should I add code to customize the initialization...

You can "get" a factory with the following code:

return FactoriesFactory.Get<IViewManagerFactory>();

Notice that we ask for an interface (the Factories are registered in the object builder using an ITypeMappingPolicy to achieve that effect).

I was thinking about adding and event or virtual method it in the UIPManager to allow for customization of the factories list... but i forgot that in webmode the Navigators are created at the WebFormView... and I would really like to have an "unified" place to do this... any suggestions?

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