Monday, May 01, 2006

User Interface Process Application Block V3 Alpha2 (Unofficial)

I am almost ready to release Alpha 2 of the unofficial User Interface Process Application Block, I made several changes, here is a list with some of them:

  • No more non-generic ArrayLists (they have all been converted to Lists with generics)
  • No more HybridDictionary (they have all been converted to Dictionaries with generics)
  • the UIPManager is now a singleton (first step in to a plug-in architecture)
  • The StateCache is now a singleton an implements a new interface IStateCache (first step in to a plug-in architecture)
  • The factories are also coordinated by a singleton FactoriesFactory that now implements the interface IFactoriesFactory
  • Instead of calling the FactoriesFactory singleton everywhere, now it is a parameter of the Navigator base class (first step in to a plug-in architecture)
  • Factories now receive as a parameter in their constructor the IGenericFactory they will use internally to create objects.

I am not sure if I will release it as it is right now... or wait until I add support for the ObjectBuilder, I am also deciding if I should call the ObjectBuilder from inside of the GenericFactory, or if a I should create a "ServiceCollection" to manage all the factories, similar to the one available in the CompositeUI

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