Monday, October 02, 2006

Are we asking too much of WebApps?

Currently in most enterprises, if an application has to be built... it will be built as a WebApp... what do I mean with "WebApp"? well you know, its an application with an HTML User Interface, (helped with a bit of JavaScript here an there). Everybody seems to think that is the best solution for all problems (no deployment, no client platform dependency, lots of programmers that "know-how" to build this kind of applications, lower security risks (no need to have a direct connection to the database from a remote client, no need to open special ports... only the well known 80 port).

But... are web apps really such a good idea? or it is just another example of "to a hammer every problem looks like a nail"?

  • You don't have to do deployment: well, that is such an advantage, no need to install, no need to update... but it has is dark side... the UI (that in most cases won't change often) has to travel with your data... and with the ever increasing need for more interactivity in the UI.. that means your really complex UI is going to travel to the client every time... 
  • No client platform dependency: Great, it can run in Windows, Linux, MacOS I don't have to worry right? ... wrong! you have to worry about browser compatibility, (will it work in firefox? will it work in explorer? will it work in safari?)
  • Lots of cheap programmers that "know how"... (forthcoming)
  • Lower security risks... (forthcoming)

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