Thursday, May 03, 2007

Eclipse... Is NOT an IDE

Okay... have been trying to use Eclipse 3.2 like an IDE all week... that failed miserably...

  • VisualStudio.NET is an IDE
  • Borland Developer Studio is an IDE
  • NetBeans is an IDE
  • IntelliJ is an IDE
  • FlexBuilder (an Eclipse plugin) is an IDE
  • JBuilder (an Eclipse plugin) is an IDE

But... Eclipse... Eclipse... is a PE... "Plug Environment", NOT an IDE: Integrated Development Environment.

After you add JDT to it can be considered an IDE... if you only build Console tools (command line applications) but, if you want to build anything more complex than that... then  JDT  is a very limited IDE.

Yes, you can add lots of plugins to Eclipse... and make it become JBuilder... (like Borland did or as Macromedia did with FlexBuilder), but the thing is, that it is JBuilder (the plugin) the thing that IS the IDE, Eclipse is just the PLATFORM for the IDE..., saying that Eclipse is an IDE it is like saying that Windows is word processor... or graphic design application... or why not, Windows is a IDE! (Of course, that is crazy... well saying that Eclipse is an IDE is crazy... comparing it to any real IDE is crazy...) Eclipse is a PLATFORM, and you can build an IDE on top of that, but, the quality (and INTEGRATION) of the free available plugins in Eclipse Callipso,  in my opinion is not enough to call it an IDE

Netbeans is a great IDE, the best OpenSource IDE for Java for Swing or Web or J2EE applications, Eclipse is NOT and IDE. Period.

(I guess this is my first rant in a blog)

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