Tuesday, July 03, 2007

RIAs: Faulting &Uniquing (or Merging?) (Granite, Ajax)

Today I realized that lazy loading support for Granite Data Services is in its infacy... is more like "Partial Loading" (it will load everything not initialized, and not initialized stuff will remain "unloaded" forever).

I am thinking this leads to a pattern like this:
  1. I need to work with persons, so I fetch a list of them from a remote service.
  2. I choose to work with the person with id "3";
  3. present the contacts of person "3". (here is the tricky stuff, all the contacts that I load have a reference to person "3", what do I do about that? do I re fetch it, creating a different object and breaking uniquing, or do I look for a way to prevent that "same but different object" in my application? )
I guess that we will need something like Faulting & Uniquing , and a Client Side EditingContext (or Client Side EntityManger)... to control data in the client side... (our own idea of LDS DataStore ?)

But... until granite has that... what could we do as a first step? it would be nice if we could "merge" a recently obtained object with one a fetched before... something like ADO.NET DataSet... (I can not believe I am writing that I miss the DataSet)

I have been thinking... a fully "AJAX" traditional JavaScript based application would have the same problems if it had a complex enough UI... but I haven't heard of anything like it, it seems that most AJAX application developers build applications so simple that they don't even care about having to write and re-write client side data manipulation code... (or... maybe those applications don't even enough client side behavior to need it?).

I guess that until Granite has his own "Data Management" the way to handle data will be... to imitate the practices of traditional AJAX applications?

(Mmmm, now with Google Gears... will we see how JavaScript based frameworks for automatic handling of DTOs and ORM start to appear everywhere? Parhaps this will revive the interest in something like SDO?)

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