Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Business Case (Is it a good idea to modify an Activity?)

Today, we also covered Business Cases, it is an interesting subject, it basically tells you to compare projects using the following criteria:
  • Total Activity Disfunctionality
  • Total Activity Impact
  • Total Activity Factibility
If Impact and Factibility and Disfunctionality are high, then it is a good idea to go ahead with the project, on the other hand, if, for example Factibility is low, then, it would be impossible to really build the project, or if the Impact level is very low, then it might be easy to do it (hi factibility) but i will not help the organization much, so, it will not be a good idea to waste time building the project. If Disfunctionality is low, that means that the activity actually works really good, so, typically the impact of your changes will not be high.
(Mmmm, I see some kind of relationship between Disfunctionality and Impact)

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