Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The project triangle

In project management a very important concept is that of the project triangle: Scope, Resources, and Time, it is impossible to have more than two of them.
I have had problems with this triangle.... always, typically because there is not time, and there is no money (Resources) and the Scope, well the Scope always increases.
The main problem in my experience is that not a lot of people has heard of this triangle, and those that do, say, well, it is a nice idea, but the reality of this project is that we need this done with cheaply, for tomorrow, and with unexperience personnel.
When the projects is "Tipically Succesful" it is because it is not too late, or hasn't exceeded the budget too much... or the scope was not too insuficient.

The problem is that everybody in software developerment needs to realize that it is not possible to control more than 2 of this factors. For example:

If you have to do everything in a rush, scope will suffer, and if scope doesn't suffer, then costs will increase...

Perhaps somebody (I?) should create an interactive version of this triangle... one that, when changed 2 factors tells you the implications in the third.

I am starting to think that the project triangle is somewhat similar to radar charts....

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