Wednesday, February 25, 2009

AribaWeb: The framework of my dreams?

Could AribaWeb, finally be the framework of my dreams? that for which I have longed for ever since I stopped using WebObjects? The one to finally demonstrate those Ruby guys that what makes Ruby so great is Rails, and what made Java inferior (until before AribaWeb) was its framework, but not the language itself?

So far, it seems that, while not perfect (no client side caching, some Hibernate inherited validation limitations), AribaWeb gets many basics concept right (like programmatic navigation, UI meta generation, runtime UI customization, MVC separation…)

I am simply amazed….

Now someone just needs to integrate AribaWeb with Capuccino, and total world domination would be in their hands.

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Raja Nagendra Kumar said...

AribaWeb is the pefect impl. of Web components. I am sure, in future, they may have swing and mobile support to run things on mobile j2me/android phones and Desktop clients too.

Like you, my dream for a perfect AJAX impl (Auto Ajax) for web has finally arrived.

Reja Nagendra Kumar,