Monday, November 16, 2009

Playing with Weld and Scala to create a new framework for JSPs

Today I built my first "serious" example using Weld and Scala.
You can take a look at it in here.
So far, Weld looks like really good framework, I am still not able to say that it will replace Spring as my "glue framework", but that could certainly become true.
Scala also looks interesting (this also my first "serious" attempt at doing something with Scala), but the support for Scala in Eclipse is very fragile... the plug-in still needs a lot of polishing (no refatoring, no quickfixes, and the syntax coloring and cursor control sometimes goes crazy). I would not recommend the Scala plugin in Eclipse for "real work", but for hobbing is fine. (I wonder if the support for Scala in the Netbeans or the opensourced version of IntelliJ is better).

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